Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Read, Write, Resist!

Join Agent 409 at the Spli
t This Rock Poetry Festival in Washington D.C., March 20- 23

On Friday, March 21, Agent 409 will present the following workshop:

Sustaining Ourselves: Creating Peer Writing Workshops That Work
Tamiko Beyer, Danielle Feris, Jane Koh, Cory Schmanke Parrish, Daniel Lynn Rose

For over three years, the members of Agent 409 have been meeting weekly to write and workshop in a collaborative, non-hierarchical environment. This hands-on workshop will give participants tools to establish a sustainable writing workshop that meets their needs as both writers and as workers/organizers/activists for social justice. In this session we will share our workshop model– explaining what has worked for us, what challenges we have faced and how we have dealt with those challenges. This workshop will help writers set up their own creative community that support their work as poets and as activists/organizers/workers.

About the Festival
Split This Rock Poetry Festival will bring poets and writers to Washington, D.C. on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, in the midst of the presidential election, for four days of collaboration, learning, and performance. The festival will feature opportunities to build community and celebrate the many ways that poetry can act as an agent for change. Join us as we celebrate poetic diversity and the transformative power of the imagination. Learn more and register at www.splitthisrock.org.